The Nipple Module

Part 2

The Nipple Module - Part 2

A few months ago, as part of my self-imposed feminisation, I had some sessions with a lovely domme, aimed at bringing more awareness and sensation to my nipples. I thought it was time to return for a check-up, to see if I was advancing, or if I needed more help.

It was so nice to meet again, and the nipple-clamps (clovers, joined by a short chain) were on quite soon. She asked me to stand, just wearing panties and clamps, as she circled, assessing me. I was trying to stand in a feminine way, with a gentle expression on my face.

Approaching me from the front, she reached out and gently tweaked my nose, and I smiled. Next, she pulled the nipple chain, and I drew breath sharply.

"yes," she said. "Note the difference. You tensed up, your face returns to being masculine, resistant. Intellectually, you know that nipple sensations are good for you, but your body tenses up. We need to work on this, so you can retain a graceful femininity in the face of discomfort. At first it will hurt, in fact it will always hurt, but eventually you be able to retain your feminine posture and expression."

Seated at her desk, she showed me the 8oz fishing weight which would be used for training. She attached it to a 6-inch chain, and then to my nipple chain. Next she lifted the weight and let go, catching me by surprise - it fell around 6 inches, and I gasped. This was the point of course. We did this another 10 times, with my eyes closed, so I could not predict when the pain would occur. It was painful but not agony - I got the idea of remaining calm and feminine.

At the end of the session, she gave me the homework of doing 10 similar drops per day, and continuing to wear the clamps for 15 minutes afterwards.

In the next session, we begun with my demonstrating my new-found control, which pleased her, even though she stated that we were just beginning, and it would become more demanding.

We sat at her desk, and she explained the protocol I was to follow, in general terms:

- I would be given a number of drops to complete quietly and calmly.

- if I made a noise or tensed up, I must complete the 10, and add a doubled number of drops ( e.g. 20).

- if any of the added drops were badly performed, another 20 was added. Obviously, this was to discourage me from bad habits!

Generously, she let me have a bit of practice - I was quite confident, but got more uneasy when she fixed a 1-foot chain to the weight, and walked me over to her tall bookcase.

"This is your new best friend," she said, as she placed the weight on a shelf at my head height. "Now slowly back away."

I did, of course, and you can do the math. The weight fell in free-fall for 2 feet, and it was agony! I shouted with pain.

"Yes," she said. "Now we can work! Place the weight back up, and repeat, quickly now."

After several repeats, I got better, and she thought that I had learnt enough to deal with homework. I was to do 10 drops per day, following the 'doubling' protocol, and email a video of my face.

I managed the homework OK, I thought, but when I arrived for session 3, Mistress was rather annoyed. She had watched my videos, and seen tensing of my facial muscles in at least 5 of my drops - I had not felt this myself. She asked me how I had to pay for these errors of self-awareness, and I felt a growing dread. Yes, I had to do 100 drops, here and now!

This was extreme - I knew they had to be perfect. I took it slowly, did around 3 per minute, and it took over half an hour. I was sweating so much that the clamps slipped off from time to time, but Mistress said it was OK, just replace and continue.

The session ended early, and I was to repeat the homework, but this time perfectly.

For the final session, Mistress said that I had 20 special drops to do, at a slow pace, and she would talk to me as I did them. The point was, she said, to intensify nipple-awareness, but also to grow my acceptance and self-awareness, in a practical physical way. It would also help me in future prolonged feminisation sessions.

This time, she attached a 4-foot chain to the weight, and provide a chair to help me place the weight on the very to shelf. When I backed away, the weight got an 8-foot drop, and the pain was dreadful. I think I got away with the drops, but it was agony inside. Even before I began to sweat, the clamps pulled off but, as before, I had to replace and continue. The clamps coming off showed the extra impulse they were getting, she said.

This was the end the set of sessions, and Mistress congratulated me on doing well. I was to continue the drops at home, twice a week, as a maintenance plan.


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