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The Long Regression

The Long Regression: Week 1

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The context for this week: Only days passed since my first horrible experience. Because of this, I still had a vivid and painful memory of Susan spanking me, shoving a suppository up my butt and telling me that I will be disciplined from now on minimum once a week. Her explicit goal was to turn me into one of her obedient “girls”. I thought the whole thing was a joke – or at most an empty threat.

Monday with pink pajamas

On Monday evening, I just got taken out of the bath, I walked into the bedroom covering myself with a towel. The bedroom looked nice and cozy; the blinds were down, the beds were properly made. Even with the lights on, and with white walls, the place looked rather dark. Susan was waiting for me with a large plastic bag in her hand. She handed it to me.

‘Here you go, this is yours. Open it.’ she told me. She was wearing her work clothes which made her look like an authority. The plastic bag was rather large and looked like it contains at least one big object. I have opened it without any clue as to what it could be. It took me a second to realize I was holding a rather large teddy bear in one hand and a set of pink pajamas in my other.

‘Huh?’ I frowned in disbelief and Susan did not like this.

‘I would rather you be a nice girl and thank me for the great present. Don’t grimace at me!’ her voice grew angrier. Her two other daughters – Lydia and Erica were watching us from the other end of the room with curious looks. ‘I want to throw away that ugly grey pajama and want you to wear the pink one instead from now on. I also want you to start playing with the teddy bear. I paid a lot of money for it so I expect you to be grateful.’

‘I am too old for teddy bears and boys don’t wear….’ I claimed, but Susan shut me down. ‘What you think does not matter now. You were disobedient and you have to do what I tell you from now on.’

‘No, I don’t want it!’ I said and threw the whole bag away. Susan looks incredibly agitated. She grabbed me by the towel and pulled me over her. I did not realize how strong she was. She pulled my body over her lap – the towel unfolded – and hit me on the ass with one of her hand. ‘This isn’t your choice.’ she shouted and started spanking me repeatedly. I cried up and tried pulling myself away. She held me tight and smacked my bottom a few more times before letting me go.

My butt cheeks were burning and I was sobbing loudly. Susan did not seem to care. ‘You will put on this pajama right now and hold on to the teddy bear all night!’ she ordered but I was too upset to oblige. I shook my head stubbornly. She did not say a word, just grabbed me again, a pulled me closer to give me another spanking.

‘I will wear the pajamas’ I cried up loudly and Susan let me go again.

‘Wonderful’ she nodded and picked up the pajama from the floor. I continued crying while she put them on me. Then she grabbed some tissues from one of the shelves and placed it around my nose. I blew my nose into the tissue. Susan looked satisfied, she took another tissue and dried my tears. ‘Now, get to bed and I don’t want to hear you complain anymore.’

Wednesday with a forced suppository

Tuesday passed quietly, I neither talked to the girls nor Susan. On Wednesday evening – after the bath in my pajamas – I wanted to watch my favorite series, but Susan told me that I have to watch what the girls want me to. When I insisted, she threatened me with another spanking. I decided it is better if I watch what the girls want. Lydia turned the TV on and found the channel that was showing “Bella and the Wonder Witches”. I was holding onto the teddy bear while watching the TV show.

When the show was over, one of the girls, Erica turned the TV off and we all stood up to go upstairs to our bedroom. We were all quietly preparing for the next day in school when Susan entered and walked up to Erica. She told her something while I and Lydia kept packing in our school bag.

Once we have finished, I wanted to get into bed, but Susan and Erica both sat on it. I stood there quietly waiting for them to pull out another bag with girly presents. ‘Sit between us’ Susan told me and moved away from Erica. I obliged and sat down quietly between the two girls. Susan reached into her pocket and pulled out a suppository. ‘You have not done a doo-doo for at least 3 days and you have not asked for it. I have told you-you to have to ask for it when you have constipation. I also have to show Erica how this is done. Pull down your pants and let us get over with it.’

‘But… Susaaaa…’ I started whining and wanted to get up and run away. Unfortunately, Erica next to me grabbed my shoulders and whispered in my ear ‘It is going to be okay. Let me hold you.” I could not pull myself away from her hug, so I started crying. Erica pulled me down on the bed, so I tried kicking. Susan grabbed my legs and pushed them up. Then she told Erica to hold my legs, who now placed one of her hand on my chest – holding me down – and used her other arms to keep my legs up.

I was a total loss of control. Susan grabbed my pajama pants and pulled it up, so my bare bottom can be accessible for her. She pushed the suppository in swiftly. I tried holding my cheeks together before getting the butt pill, which made it into an even more painful experience. I could not hear or see Lydia, but I heard Erica giggling, while Susan held my butt cheeks together for a few seconds. She pulled back my pants on me. She stood up and slowly spelled it out to me what I can expect: “This Sunday, you WILL have to ask for a suppository or this will happen again. Now, hold it until you can go to the toilet”.

Erica left me on the bed crying after what has happened. My tummy started cramping a few minutes later and I rushed out to the toilet. Lydia and Erica were already in bed while Susan was nowhere. The suppository took its effect and I had a painful release.

Sunday with a pink blankie

On Sunday, I still had a vivid picture of what happened on Wednesday. I was too afraid to play games or to even talk. I was afraid I might get another spanking or forced suppository. Instead, I took my courage and I have asked for the suppository at the lunch table. The lunch table was in a dining room between the living room and the kitchen. It was a rather big area with about 8 seats around the main table. Since dad was in the army and we had no guests, four of us only took half of this table up. Behind the table, there was a cupboard full of glasses and plates. It also had some pretty decorative statues around the top.

Susan smiled at me when she heard me asking for the suppo. Her smile was warm and genuine. This was probably the first time I saw her happy this week. I could not believe that she might have been mad at me because of what I did a week ago.

‘Okay, let’s go!’ she said and we all stood up. A few minutes later I was lying face down on the living room sofa with my pants pulled down. This time, Susan applied to some lube to my brown eye and administered the suppository gently. It did not hurt at all. Lydia turned the TV on and we started watching some matinees. 5 minutes before Susan told me that I can visit the toilet. ‘Oh also, please don’t flush it. I need to see your results. Just tell me when you are done.’ she shouted after me.

I sat on the toilet and started pushing. I felt some relief, so shouted Susan’s name. She came in slightly frustrated ‘Jo, you need to start calling me mommy and not Susan.’ to which I have not replied. Susan looked into the toilet than made a sad remark: ‘I see you have only pushed the suppository out. You need to get another one. Go back to the room and lay on the bed.’

I am not sure whether out of fear of her spanking me or for other reasons, I obliged and walked back to the living room. I laid down on the sofa again, expecting the same thing happening as before. To my surprise, when Susan knelt down next to me, she placed her hands on my shoulders instead of my butt.

‘Okay, Erica. Try giving Jo one now.’ I did not have much time to react, I felt Erica’s cold fingers spreading my cheeks and a cold suppository entering me. I screaming up, but Susan kept holding me down. I teared up a little, then Susan sat me up. Erica had a massive grin on her face. ‘Well done, darling’ Susan told both of us. ‘Now, Jo, go and stand in the corner of the bathroom until the medicine takes its effect.’ She made me stand up and we both went back to the bathroom. I had to stand in the corner of the small room, while Susan fiddled around the sink area. She took a few peeks at me and told me to keep holding the suppo in.

After standing only a minute or two, I was begging her to let me go to the toilet. She shook her head ‘No, you need to keep holding it in!’. She made me stand for another minute. Then she saw that a small piece of poop dropped on the floor where I was standing, she grabbed me and pushed me on the toilet. This time everything came out not only the suppository.

Later that evening Susan has surprised me with another gift: a pink blankie. I had no interest in them, but I did not want to upset her, so I nodded and grabbed it along the teddy bear.

Coming up: Week 2!


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