The Nipple Module

Part 1

The Nipple Module

As part of my self-imposed feminisation, I engaged a mistress, a lovely domme who had a great deal of knowledge about body/mind psychology. She rapidly determined that we needed to work on bringing some sensation to my nipples. At present, they seemed inert, dull, no more sensitive than any other part of my chest, and she thought that her 'nipple-awakening' module would work well.

It was not, she said, an issue of size, but of working on the neural pathways to the brain and genitals. This sounded great, and I went for it, arranging one session per week. The session would only be partly on nipples, the rest being other modules in parallel. Here are some notes that I made.

There were 3 stages that I would pass through, she explained - they could not be forced, and the time varied with the individual. The stages were:

- rejection

- acceptance

- presentation

Before the first session, she gave me a stiff toothbrush, to be used every time I brushed my teeth. I was to take hold of a nipple so that the tip protruded from my fingers, and brush firmly backwards and forwards across it, 50 times. This only took around 30 seconds. It was not very painful for that short time, and it was intended to wake up my nipples, to get familiar with them.

For each session, I was to arrive in a sports bra under my shirt, just to put me in the mood.

In the first session she gave me a pair of Japanese clover clamps - the ones that tighten when pulled. I stripped off, and she gave me a pair of tight bikini bottoms to wear. The first application was dreadful! I shouted in pain, and writhed around, in spite of her trying to calm me. I managed 10 seconds until she removed them, after my pleading. So this is why the whole session could not be about nipples!

She applied the clamps twice more for 20 seconds each time, asking me to note that the pain eased slightly, rather than worsening.

My homework for the week was to work up to one minute, twice a day, which I found bearable. I also agreed to no orgasming with clamps on, though this did not seem enticing at present.

The next session was basically more of the same, and she took me up to 5 minutes, and suggested that I experiment with 10 minutes at home, but not on the day before the next session.

I began to notice that on the day following a 10 minute session, my nipples were sore, and sometimes I did not use them at all on such days.

When I reported this at our next session, mistress explained that this was the work! My feminisation needed this, and I was still stuck at the resistance stage. Today would be a different type of session.

I stripped as normal, and was tied down to a bench quite loosely - I could still move my chest a few inches. She brushed my nipples gently for a while, then left me for an hour, telling me to meditate on the connection between my nipples and genitals. As I did this, I got a powerful erection. When mistress returned, I asked her to touch my nipples again, but she held her fingers an inch away, as I arched my chest trying to get my nipples to her fingers.

"Do you understand now?" she said. I nodded.

"This is you homework: every day, spend at least 10 minutes every day in the a suitable chat room, explaining what you are doing, and ask other chatters to help you manage 10 minutes - you might find some that are both doing the same thing, which is a bonus. I will see you next week, the session is ended now."

Strangely, this no-clamp session was very powerful. I felt very turned-on, and got into a chatroom immediately. After doing 10 minutes of clamping with a very nice girl (and a powerful erection) a strange thing happened. I suggested doing a further 5 minutes of clamping - the 10 was not enough, and I had a deep desire for more, even in spite of the pain.

I reported this in the next session, and mistress smiled, saying:

"Yes, this happens. In this phase, the clamps are your best friends. Enjoy them."

She explained that we would now move on from clamps to claws, which were plastic hair grips, around an inch across. They were more intense, but would not affect the blood supply in the same way.

She strapped me down gently, so that I would not try to remove the claws, and then applied one. It was agony, and I squirmed and shouted. It was removed after 10 seconds.

"We will work up to 5 minutes today, and the vital thing is to try and relax. Visualise energy flowing from your nipples to your genitals, and breathe slowly. She applied both of them, and stroked my forehead as I tried to relax. It was difficult, but I managed OK for a first time, she said.

My homework was to do more chatting, trying for 5 minutes, on alternate days, resting my nipples in between. This went well, and I sometimes extended the period, feeling that I needed it.

In the next session, I wore the claws for 10 minutes, and managed to relax most of the time. Mistress was pleased, saying that I had reached the acceptance stage, and that most of my work was over. However, today's class would be very important - it would be about self-discipline.

She removed a claw, replacing it immediately but not in exactly the same place, watching my eyes as she did so. Some times I stayed relaxed, other times she hit a more intense place, and I showed it.

"You feel the difference?" she asked.

"The intensity changes, even with a one-millimetre movement, but only you will know if it is more or less intense. So, you should adjust the claws approximately every minute, ensuring that you get more intensity. No-one else will know, but YOU will know. Do not let yourself down by going for less intensity."

After a week of chatting and adjusting, I was on my way to the next session. I felt an urge to wear my claws, so popped into a toilet, and put them on under my sports bra - which was very intense, I can tell you!

When I arrived, I stripped down to my bra without being asked, and lifted it above the claws. I just stood there, and I had no idea why.

She smiled, and said:

"Ah, a spontaneous presentation, the last stage. How lovely! The presentation is literally a present, a gift for me. Now I know that I can use your nipples as I see fit, and be assured that I will do so in our best interests."

For the rest of the session, she removed my claws and we discussed other modules I might like to enrol on. Or perhaps I wanted to make a nipple video?

We would see.


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