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The Long Regression

The Long Regression: Week 7 - Hike and Epilogue

The context for this week: School holidays were coming up and daddy was soon to visit us again! I was barely thinking about what has happened to me since he left, like all the discipline, the spanking, the suppositories... not even mentioning the pacifiers, wearing skirts, playing with Lily, the teddy bear, and the pink clothing. I was happy that he was coming home and that I could be with him and mommy.

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During the "last" week of the regression

Every single day when mommy came to school to pick me up, I ran shouting in her arms, showering her with kisses. At home, I found Lily as fast as possible every single day. Afterward, I have asked mommy to put the skirt on me. In the evening I sat with my sisters and watched the show "The princess' castle" altogether which became my new favorite show.

I have also helped mommy to clean up the kitchen after each dinner. I sat on the potty almost every day and if I was successful, I have delivered the good news to everyone in the house. Mommy looked very happy and gave me a bar of chocolate almost every day as a reward for being such a good girl.

I loved her so much.

Sunday Hike

On Sunday mommy woke us up with great news: we are getting out of the house today! After breakfast, she told us that she has organized a hike. 30 minutes drive away there was a hiking trail that led to a lookout point. She wanted to take us there. I was over the moon: I have not been out hiking for ages! This will be so much fun.

Mommy took my pajama off first, then she took my temperature in my butt. I giggled a little when I felt the cold thermometer. Afterward, she put thick training underwear and new jogging pants on me. The girls were wearing comfy looking pink hoodies and shorts. I wanted to wear skirts, but mommy told me not to. I trusted her because mommy knows the best! For the road, she prepared a bottle of sweet tasting smoothie for me.

'We will not have any time for lunch, so just drinks this instead. Drink it fast though, because it might go off quickly!' She told me and I nodded and emptied the bottle before arriving at the hiking trail.

When I first saw the mountain, I could not believe how close it was. There were only a few cars parking around us and I could spot a small trail leading up the top just a few yards away.

To get to the lookout point we had to walk for about an hour both ways. About 45 minutes in, my tummy started cramping badly. I stopped and told everyone that I have to go to the toilet. 'Hold it back!' mommy has told me, grabbed my hand and started pulling me with them. In about a minute explosive diarrhea hit me. I think this was probably the result of whatever it was in the smoothie.

Liquid poop filled up my underwear, escaped it through the legs then rolled down my pants, turning almost everything under my waist brown. I could not hold back my tears.

'Can we go home, please! Please, mommy..' I cried loudly, but she was just standing there with my two sisters looking horrified.

'No, we have to do the lookout' she answered, 'You should have gone in the morning, this is your fault.'

'But please... mommy please, please mommy' I repeated, but mom wasn't impressed.

'Look, the lookout is just there, let's quickly go up, the girls want to see it!' she told me with some weird kindness in her voice. I kept crying quietly. Initially, the others did not mind, but when we reached the lookout point, the girls have probably started smelling my mess too.

'Ah mom, this stinks so much! Could you change him?' Erica complained.

'I am afraid not, darling. We have some water and a spare towel in the car. We will do it there.' mommy has reassured my sisters. She has also noticed some strangers standing around, grimacing and told them that "I was sick".

While mommy and the girls were doing photos, I was standing in the corner super embarrassed. My pants were wet and sticky. Although the air helped to suppress the smell, I could still not stop smelling it. When I got used to it after a few minutes, the wetness still irritated me. I kept tearing up and sobbing. I was devastated and everyone is looking at me.

Then mommy had enough of the girls complaining and she told us that we are heading back to the car. The girls and mommy took the front and I was following them with a short distance. I did not want to bother them with my mess and my crying. The trail down only took 20 minutes, but it felt like 5 hours for me.

At the car, she made me take off my pants. Then she took out a bottle of water and poured it all over my bum and legs. Afterward, she placed a towel around me and told me to sit in the car. The girls spent a few minutes debating who should sit next to me on the way back.

'Okay darling, I know this was hard for you. It seems that you cannot control yourself. We need to work together on this. I will help you to become a good girl and you have to always listen to me, okay?' mommy told me, to which I did not reply. I felt terrible. Seeing my desperation, she continued 'Let me drive you guys back. I love you, sweetie.' I have still not replied.

At home, the girls ran into the living room, far away from me. Mommy led me in straight to the second bathroom, asked me to get naked and jump into the small shower area. She washed me down then dried me with the towels. I did not get anything to wear, she just grabbed my hand and led me up to the room.

I found myself laying on the bed naked. The blinds were down, the room was quiet and dark. Mommy was sitting next to me, rubbing my head with her hand. She smiled at me and tried to comfort me.

'Are you feeling better now?' she asked me and I nodded. 'I am sorry about this accident. I put some pills into your smoothie but I did not expect it to start working this quickly.' this was the first time mommy has confessed anything to me. I felt vulnerable and confused. 'I try to be better next time. For now, I just want you to rest, okay?' she whispered and kissed my forehead.

A sudden warmth ran through my body. I smiled at her and whispered 'I love you too mommy.' I hugged her and did not want to let her go. She stayed there for a minute or so, then stood up.

'Let me get you something to wear.' She left the room and came back with some pajama pants. She sat me up and put the top, then the underwear and then the pants on me. I looked around searching for the girls, but they were nowhere to be seen.

'Is there something wrong, darling?' mommy has asked me.

'I... I am... I am just not sleepy.' I replied still whispering.

'Ah, that is understandable. It is still early afternoon. I do need you to sleep though. Mommy has a lot to do....' after a moment of hesitation, she put her hands on my head and gently started massaging me. 'How about... how about if I give you a suppository to help you to rest?' She told me with slight guilt in her eyes.

I had no qualms about what she said. I loved her. She knew what was best. If she thinks I need a suppo, then be it! I nodded. She smiled at me again and nodded back.

She left for another minute and came back with the pill. I was already under the duvet when she sat down next to me. I could not see the suppository in the dark, but I assumed she was holding it with her fingers. She reached under the duvet, found her way under my pants and placed the suppository gently against my butt. It was already lubricated and slid in easily. Unlike before, this time it was kind of a good feeling to get a suppository.

I closed my eyes as mommy left the room and promptly drifted into my dream world.


From the weeks following, I have not received any other discipline from mommy. I was asked slowly to start wearing pants more - I still loved the skirts, but I did not want to disappoint mommy. I have also regularly helped her around the house.

When daddy came home a few days later, he found me to be a very different person. I was in love with mommy and daddy. He told mommy that I am a good boy because he raised me. 'So did I!' said mommy with cheerful voice.

I still asked for suppositories on Sundays. I have also seen some of the girls getting suppositories when they got sick. We were a family finally.


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Coming up in future: Beyond the regression: stand-alone stories that were left out.

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