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The Long Regression

The Long Regression: Week 5 – Sick & Enema

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The context for this week: My foster mom – Susan – and her two daughters – Erica and Lydia – has set out to regress me into a much younger little girl. They used harsh words, suppositories, girly clothing, training pants/diapers and spanking over the past 4 weeks to force me into submission. The weird thing is that I started seeing their point. When I was acting nice, they were nice to me. I wondered often whether at the end of the day, it was all my fault and whether I should have cooperated from the beginning or not.

Monday when sickness strikes

After all the speculations last week, it has finally happened: I woke up wretched and sick on Monday. Headache, fever, you name it, I had it. Lydia noticed it first, making a large step away from me. When mom realized what is happening, she told the girls to pack their school books up and head downstairs for breakfast. Then she turned to me and told me to stay in the room for now.

A few minutes past when she returned back to our bedroom with a plate of toasts with peanut butter on the top. She handed the plate to me and told me that she has to take the girls to school and that she will be back in 15 minutes. I was still feeling miserable, so I just laid on the bed and did not respond. Once mom left, I took one of the toasts and started eating it while still laying on the bed. Some peanut butter dropped on my pajama and breadcrumbs were all over the bed.

When mom came home and saw the mess, she made a gasping sound. She grabbed a towel and put it on top of me. Then she grabbed me and turned me around.

‘Let me take your temperature first, then I will wash you’ she told me. She sounded neutral, almost robot-like. I think she was trying to figure out what to do. She pulled my pants down while I was still working on the second toast and inserted the thermometer in my hiney. It was not as cold as I remembered and I was too busy with being sick and having breakfast.

‘Yup, you have a good old fever.’ she claimed, holding up the thermometer. ‘I have to give you a suppository for this.’ Since I just got one the day before, I started whining.

“Aaaaah, please mommy no! Please, mommy, I love you mommy, please don’t do it.” I begged. I was feeling terrible and could not imagine how a suppository will make anything better. Mom sat down next to me, turned me around so I can face her and slowly spelled it out to me:

‘Darling, if I can’t give you a suppository, I have to take you to the hospital. Do you want to go to the hospital?’ when I shook my head, she continued ‘Let me give you one of these and it will make you feel better in no time, okay? I will make you more peanut butter toasts, okay?’

After a few minutes of convincing, I let her insert the painkiller suppository. I was thinking about the chocolates and the peanut butter toasts while she did it and I barely felt it. These pills were much smaller than the ones that made me poop, so I did not mind them that much.

A few hours past, during which mom gave me another suppository. I whined again and she told me that if I don’t cooperate, I will end up at the doctor’s office or at the hospital. I used up a great bulk of tissues and I was still feeling hot when mom re-appeared with some boy’s clothing. I knew we were going out but wasn’t sure where.

‘I have to take you to the doctor’s office. This isn’t getting better.’ she claimed and dressed me up. I was soaked through with sweat, so she dried my naked body first with a towel before putting on the boy’s clothes. My new-old gear was unusual, I felt restricted and overheated in boy’s t-shirt and pants.

The doctor’s office was a short drive from where we lived. There was barely anyone sitting in the corridor. I was busy burying my face into tissues and mom was reading a magazine when the doctor called us in. The pediatrician was an older gentleman with thick glasses. The office itself had yellowish-white walls and little light coming in from outside.

I sat on the bench and the doctor listened to my chest. He asked me to cough. While doing so, he has asked mom what did she see. Mom has explained that I was puking out every pill she gave me and she was not sure what to do.

“But I did not puke” I claimed front of the doctor. I met mom’s eyes a few seconds later and saw Susan coming back. She was embarrassed.

“Ah he isn’t feeling right doctor, she slept through the whole day. He was puking while asleep.” Susan told the doctor while giving me an angry side look. She was mixing my pronouns but the doctor did not seem to care.

In the end, she achieved what she set out to do: the doctor prescribed me even more suppositories against puking and fever. The doctor also prescribed a strong powdery medicine you have to dissolve and drink slowly.

When we got home, Susan took my pants off and wanted to spank me very hard. ‘You were a very bad girl at the doctor’s office!’ she shouted at me. ‘How dare you lie about what I said? Don’t you know mommy knows the best and you should shut up when I talk?’ I have not seen her this angry for a while.

She grabbed me and started flat out threatening me. ‘Now get naked, you deserve a spanking.’ I started hysterically crying, which made my headache worse. My nose was running and my face was getting really dirty. I wanted to run away but also wanted to just apologize to mommy. But she was not mommy, she was Susan. Susan took my top-off, then my underwear was gone. I was standing there completely naked.

‘Ah look at you poor thing’ I heard Susan’s voice changing. ‘You peed yourself… Look… I won’t spank you… You just have to promise me that when I talk, you don’t. Mommy knows the best, right?’ To which I have just nodded still crying, but not as hysterically as before. ‘I want to hear you say it’ Susan claimed.

‘Mommy knows the best.’ I repeated after her.

‘Okay, darling.’ She told me, her angry lines on her forehead disappeared, but there was something still lurking there. ‘I need you to learn your lesson, so you will now stand in the corner naked, face the corner and repeat it: mommy knows the best.’

I found myself in the corner, first standing, then kneeling, repeating again and again that “mommy knows the best”. I don’t remember how long I spent there. I don’t remember how many times I said it.

Her warm hands touched me and I knew straight away, I got mommy back. She looked at me with happiness in her eyes. In her right side, there were my training pants and two suppositories. I smiled back and hugged her.

‘Okay, darling. I love you.’ she told me, hugging me close. ‘Now, stay like this. I will give you a suppository against puking and another one against fever.’ She gently pressed both suppos inside me. It hurt a little, but I did not want to react. I let her do what she needed to do. Mommy knows the best. I let some tears running down my cheeks and that was it. Mom was holding my butt together for a few minutes then she put the training pants on me.

We went up to the guest room. ‘You will stay and sleep here to avoid infecting the girls.’ she told me. I saw that she moved all my duvet to this room. Everything was set up. Lily, the teddy bear was waiting for me with a wide smile. Even my pink blankie was there.

‘There are a few more things I want to give you.’ mom said and took out a bunch of other clothing: a pantyhose, a pajama, another thick furry looking pants, a sweater, and a beanie. She took her time and put all of these on me. I had probably 3 or 4 layers of clothing on me and I was sweating like there is no tomorrow.

Then she took a tube out of her pocket. ‘This is a topical mint cream that will help you to recover.’ She reached under my multiple tops and rubbed this really heavy smelling thing on my chest. After all this, I got into bed, she put the duvet on me and told me not to get out.

‘You have training pants on, so if you need to pee or poop, just do it here. I will check on you regularly, so don’t worry about shouting. Just rest.’ Finally, she took out a baby bottle. ‘Here is the medicine from the doctor. Have it, drink it. The anti-puking suppository is taking its effect, so you should be fine.’

I did not want to tell her I have never puked. I have just simply grabbed the bottle and suck on it. It was very similar to the pacifier I already had.

I fell asleep shortly after finishing the baby bottle. I think I have probably slept for 5 or 6 hours because when I woke up, it was dark outside and I heard the girls speaking in the other room. I also felt really wet. Not only because of sweat but also because I have peed myself. Mom has appeared in good 20 minutes, noticed that I was awake and smiled at me.

‘How are you feeling darling? Good? Let’s check upon you.’ She got me out of bed and reached under my training pants. She did not scorn me, just simply nodded with a smile. ‘You have peed a little, but that is okay. Come, let me wash you and change you.’

I was taken to the bathroom. I did not see the girls since the morning an I don’t think they wanted to see me in this condition. Mom got me naked and washed me slowly. After the bath, she took me straight to the guest room and put me back in bed. While naked, she took my temperature again. I did not resist, quite the opposite, I spread my legs, so it is easier for her to keep the thermometer in my butt. She thanked me for being so cooperative and asked me to stay like this. I have got another two suppositories – one for fever, one against puking – and then I got new training pants on.

‘I am very impressed with you.’ mom told me ‘You did well. What did we learn today?’ she asked me. It only took a few seconds to know the answer.

‘Mommy knows the best.’ I replied. She turned the lights off and left me in the room. It took me probably an hour to fall asleep. I found my pacifier, grabber Lily and focused on the noises coming from outside. The girls might be having fun, I was thinking, maybe I can join them one day.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, I was having a bit of an urge to poop. Again, I was not sure what the directives were – should I try finding the potty, or should I remain quiet. It was still dark outside, so I thought everyone must be still sleeping. I decided that the best course of action is just messing my training pants. It only took a few seconds of push and my diaper had a new visitor. It was a bit uncomfortable, the squishiness, the warmth, the faint smell bothered me, however, I got used to it and managed to fall asleep again.

I stayed at home on Tuesday as well although, I was feeling superb. Mommy has changed me, feed me toast again with peanut butter and read me some stories. I decided I will call Susan what she really is: mommy for the rest of the week.

Sunday: bathing inside (enema)

On Sunday, something very different happened. During the whole week – except that first two days – everything was going well. Mommy was nice to me, she gave me chocolate every day. I did not need to poop, but otherwise, I was obedient. I stayed at home – mommy said she does not want to risk me getting sick again – and spent my time playing with my old Tetris. When the girls got home, we watched the TV shows “Wonder witches” and “Princesses’ Castle” together, while I held Lily and sometimes sucked on the pacifier. In exchange, mommy allowed me to wear normal underwear and not use the baby bottle.

Sunday afternoon things went south. I was cramping so I told mom ‘Mommy, my tummy is hurting.’

‘Yes, darling? Your tum-tum is achy-achy? I think you are constipated. Come with me.’ she used her baby voice again. Instead of sarcasm and rudeness, I heard kindness and love. She led me into the bedroom. Left for a second, returned with some towels and a plastic washbasin. I saw this washbasin – a big plastic bowl – before several times: mommy used it to soak clothing in it.

She placed the towels on the bed and the wash basin at the feet of the bed. Then she turned to me and started dressing me down. I let her do whatever she wanted – mommy knows the best! I stood naked in the room a few minutes later. She made me sit up on the towel. She left the room again and returned with Erica and a weird bulb in her hand.

‘What is that mommy?’ I asked curiously.

‘This is something new I wanted to try. This is an enema bulb. This will help you to make a doo-doo.’ She explained. I asked her about the suppository, so she added more. ‘This has water in it. It is like bathing you inside.’ Then she turned to Erica. ‘Erica darling, could you grab Jo, and lift her up above the basin?’ Erica sat next to me and grabbed my bottom on both sides and pulled me towards the edge of the bed. I found myself somewhat above the large plastic bowl, only Erica preventing me from sliding down the side.

‘Okay, darling. This might hurt a little first, but trust me it will be good. Okay?’ Mommy asked me an I have nodded cautiously. I was stressing out a little. This was not what I was expecting.

When she inserted the head of the bulb inside me, it felt more or less the same as the rectal thermometer. Then she pressed the bulb and my insides wanted to blow up. A warm feeling spread inside my butt and a sudden painful urge overwhelmed me. I cried up. Erica was holding me tight and I could not move. It probably only took a few seconds, but it felt like an hour. In my head, I was immediately a few weeks back, when I got spanked the first time when I got the suppository the first time when I had to wear those diaper-training-pants for the first time. Back with Susan and the evil daughters.

‘Hold Jo still!’ Susan told Erica, then she turned to me. ‘Jo, darling, relax. Don’t push out straight away. It will be okay.’ I couldn’t respond with words only with screams. I think I was crying like never before. Susan did not seem to listen to me, the long object entered my butt again and the warm water was filling my guts up. I expelled the water almost exactly the same minute it entered me. Susan looked frustrated.

‘Come on, Jo, we are almost ready.’ She turned around to fill up the bulb, while I was crying like someone is being murdered. Erica was having a laughing fit; not sure if this was out of awkwardness or she did find it funny. The third time Susan has inserted the enema douche bulb, she pressed my butt cheeks together before squishing the end. This time I could not expel, but the pain was unbearable. I started peeing and I think I peed on Susan as well.

Suddenly Erica released me and I slid into the large plastic bowl. I was still crying and screaming. My breathing was fast, only slowing down at the snail’s pace. Susan and Erica were standing there quietly waiting for me to stop. They probably had enough, because Erica left the room and Susan told me. ‘It is okay now, look what you did, isn’t it great?.’

Her weird sort of kind, encouraging and sarcastic voice stopped me. I looked down and saw that I was sitting in the wash basin. The bowl was half full with brownish water, larger pieces of poop nuggets floating in it. The towel was hanging in it too.

‘Okay, Jo, I think we are done. Let me dry you.’ mom said and covered me with the towel. She avoided touching the towel’s dirty bits to my body and made sure I was dried thoroughly. I have also noticed that my tummy stopped aching. Mom was smiling at me.

‘Look at you, you did well! Congratulations.’ She smiled and handed me a small bar of chocolate. I took it and sat back on the bed without saying anything. Mom sat next to me and whispered ‘I am sorry okay, I did not want to hurt you. We will not do this again okay?’ I nodded and hugged her.

Mom took out the wash basin and emptied its content into the toilet. Then she made a bath and washed me. The girls joined us and helped her to wash me. We were all laughing. When later mommy was tucking me in bed, I felt super appreciative and thanked her. ‘Anything for my good girl’ she said and turned the light off.

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