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The Long Regression

The Long Regression: Week 2

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The context of this week: It was two weeks since my foster-mom, Susan has started her project, which she later kept referring as ‘my regression’. She wanted to teach me to be disciplined by giving me suppositories and forcing me to do girly stuff. She has also asked her two daughters, Lydia and Erica to help her out.

Initially, I did not believe this project will last longer than a few days and I thought I can be back to normal very soon. However, neither Susan’s nor the girls’ enthusiasm seemed to have decreased. As a result, I started giving up to their demands; I had to carry around a pink blankie and a teddy bear toy with me and I had to also wear pink pyjamas during the night.


The only thing I could think of now is to lie to Susan. I managed to go to the toilet in school on Tuesday so I told that to her the same day. On Saturday evening, after the bath, she just put a towel around me and started rummaging between the stuff on the bathroom shelf. I have nudged her arm to get her attention. She turned towards me, knelt down and smiled:

‘How are you doing baby darling?’

‘I am very good… uh…’ I neither wanted to call her mommy nor Susan. I was afraid that she might get mad or suspicious of me. ‘I wanted to say I went to the toilet Tuesday and…’

‘Uh-uh’ nodded Susan with interest ‘ You told that to me already darling, I remember. Mommy remembers.’ Her smile and her tone gave me the shivers and I had to pause for a second.

‘I… uh… I have also gone to the toilet on Friday!’ I exclaimed with slightly more energy. I was hoping this will be enough to convince her.

‘Ah really’ she looked at me surprised ‘You did a smelly twice this week. Is that right? You did a Doodie twice…’ I was really weirded out by her creative words for poop, but I figured I need to use them to convince her.

‘Yes… I have done another doodie… does it mean that… uh… I don’t need to do one on the week… end?’ I have asked with clear embarrassment in my voice.

‘Ah, I see’ said Susan ‘Baby, I am afraid you will have to do the potty again. Do you remember our agreement? Mommy remembers.’ she was probably the only person that had both kindness and hostility in her voice at the same time. ‘Erica, Lydia, could you come over here?’ she said suddenly, summoning both girls.

The girls were in their room just changing. They entered the bathroom already wearing pyjamas. Erica was wearing a blue pyjama short with vertical stripes on them and a matching top. Chloe was wearing long sleeve top and pants, both pink, with some ponies on the front.

‘Jo here did two big doo-doos this week!’ Susan has announced.

Lydia started giggling straight away, while Erica looked at me with certain cynicism ‘Okaaay, sure mom, so?’

‘Jo will still need to receive a suppository this weekend and I want you girls to help me with that, okay?’ Susan said with confidence. ‘I am sure you won’t mind it, Jo, will you?’ her skin on her face grew serious. I felt a slight threat lingering around, so I nodded.

‘Great! You are dry already. Take this towel off of you, let me put you into the pyjama.’ She walked me to our room where I had to sit on my bed naked. The girls were all sitting on the bed next to me giggling between each other for some reason. The room was dimly lit and felt nice and warm.

Susan walked up to me with my nightwear in her hands. ‘I have some underwear for you this time. I would like you to wear them during the night. Every night.’ She showed me something that looked like normal underwear. I could not see much of it in the dark, but I did not consider it anything important. I stood up and stepped in the underwear and Susan pulled it up on me. It felt thick and warm, but not like a diaper. I had the feeling I was wearing two or three underwear at the same time. After this, Susan put the pink long sleeve pants and a matching top on me. In the end, she tucked me in bed and patted my head. She picked up the teddy bear and the blankie and handed to me. I learned to keep them close to me to avoid punishment.

‘Sleep tight darling. You too, girls.’ She told all of us and left the room. The light remained semi-lit which I got used to weeks ago. The girls kept talking to each other a bit more but I did not understand anything from their blabbering.

Sunday / Week 2

Sunday morning we woke up around 8 o’clock. Susan asked us to all head down to the living room. I had to bring the teddy bear with me. The living room was about the same size as our bedroom but since it had huge windows, it felt much more spacious. The room had a glass table in the middle with a long sofa on one side and a small cupboard on the other. The room also had another – larger – cupboard in the back along with a TV in the corner on the opposite side. Even a small chair managed to fit in this room; normally Susan or my dad sat there.

We had breakfast there on the floor, just between the TV and the glass table. Susan brought in a plate of fruits with three forks in them along with some chocolate.

‘I got you guys some fruits this time! Here, Lydia and Erica, grab a fork and dig in. After we finished you guys can have a bar of chocolate each.’ Susan grabbed the third fork and instead of giving it to me, she popped it into one of the sliced melon pieces. ‘I will feed you, Jo, open your mouth’.

I was a bit shocked at this, so I did not obey her straight away, just looked at her questioningly. Susan did not show any emotions. I felt we were in some sort of staring contest for a second.

Susan broke the short-lived silence with some calm but very firm words ‘Jo, the only way you will eat today if I feed you, while you are holding your teddy. I saw you dropping food on your pyjamas in the past days and I want to keep it clean today.’ I could not remember any of that, but I sensed her anger growing, so I gave up on the end and opened my mouth. ‘That’s the spirit!’ cheered Susan and started shovelling the fruit in my mouth. I don’t think I ever ate food this fast. When Susan finished, I felt completely full. To my surprise, Susan gave me a bar of chocolate too, which she broke up into small pieces and fed them to me one-by-one.

‘Bella is on!’ Lydia screamed suddenly, jumping towards the TV remote. She pressed a few buttons and a few seconds later we were watching the teenage witch adventure show. I hated the cartoon, but Susan ordered me to watch it weeks ago.

‘Which one is your favourite witch, Jo?’ Erica asked me, who knew I still disliked the show. I just shrugged my shoulders. Susan picked up the plates and took them out. She returned a minute later and sat in the chair on the other end of the room watching the cartoon with us – or maybe watching us watching the cartoon. I kept the teddy bear close to me to avoid Susan’s ire.

I felt very uncomfortable. A minute into the show, I was thinking of ways to get out. I realized I will need to get a suppository sooner or later, so I might as well combat the inevitable right now. I turned to Susan and told her ‘I think I need a suppo… sitory.’

‘I am sorry, what did you say?’ Susan looked at me with slight confusion in her eyes. I started forming the words again but Susan stopped me. ‘Say it after me’ she told me with a raised voice which got Erica’s attention, while Lydia seemed to be still fixated on the TV. ‘I want help with..’

‘I want help with…’ I repeated.

‘With doo-doo’ Susan formed the words like a small child. I knew I have to do the same.

‘With doo-doo’ I said.

‘Okay, darling. Let me bring the suppository.’ Susan told me and disappeared for a little bit. Erica turned her back to the cartoon until Susan returned with a plate. The plate had the box of suppositories and a jar of Vaseline on them.

‘Okay, lay on your back now. Keep holding teddy.’ Susan has ordered me. I laid on my back, facing her. She grabbed me by my waist and turned me slightly around. Now my legs were on the girls’ side. I knew Susan wanted the girls to see everything. Lydia was still watching the cartoon, but Erica was looking at us at this point.

Susan placed the plate next to us, then she grabbed and pushed my legs up high, placing my feet on her shoulders. Her weight had put slight pressure on my body. I started feeling trapped. She reached under my waist, grabbed my pyjama pants and started pulling it up along my underwear. She pulled it up until my knee. My bare naked ass was facing all off them at this point, but I could only really see them in the corner of my eye. She kept holding my legs up and pushing it against my tummy so that my ass cheeks opened up.

‘I am going to apply some lube to your baby bottom now.’ she said then she nudged Erica. ‘Erica, I need you to follow me here, I will need your help.’ Erica made a small chuckle.

Susan took the top of the Vaseline canister off with one hand and then she pressed one of her fingers in it. The next thing I knew was her finger rubbing the lube into my butt hole. I got scared from the cold but Susan was using her other arm and her shoulders to keep me in my place. My embrace on the teddy bear tightened.

‘Okay, girls, gather around Jo.’ I was facing the roof only seeing Susan’s face and my legs for a while. Now, both Lydia’s and Erica’s face appeared. They were both having a curious smile. ‘Okay, Jo, I made the preparation.’ She claimed then turned to Erica. ‘Here is the suppository, Erica. Do you remember how I gave it to Jo last week? Go ahead and push it in now.’

Erica chuckled again while Lydia had a massive grin on her face. Susan kept talking to me. ‘Relax Jo, it will be over a second.’ It took longer than a second. Erica’s fingers were clumsy and when she placed the suppository against my butt, it slid on the side. She laughed up and had to grab it again. For the second time, she managed to place it properly and pushed the pill in my ass properly. ‘Ooouch’ I shrieked, but the girls ignored me. I felt some tears forming in my eyes.

Erica removed her finger super quickly, looking like she saw a ghost. Susan remained calm and grabbed my cheeks pressing them together. ‘Okay, the suppo is in. Now, Jo, I want you to relax. Girls, good job.’ She kept holding my cheeks together for another minute, then grabbed my underwear along with my pyjama and pulled it back on me.

I sat up slightly embarrassed. I felt the pill starting to take its effect, only seconds after Erica gave it to me. Now I was sitting in front of the TV with the girls, holding my ass together, placing my arms on my tummy. Learning from last week, I was waiting for a few minutes before I have asked Susan to visit the bathroom.

I have also tried finding a better position. I found out that when laying on my tummy, cramps were nowhere near as bad as before.

About 10 minutes later, I jumped out and started rushing to the toilet. Susan however, stopped me, grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the front of the TV. I started badly tearing up, but before I opened my mouth she told me: “You have pushed it out last week into the toilet bowl. I don’t want this to happen this week, so I need you to let it out in your pyjamas.” I was startled by the claim and begged her to let me out, but she refused.

‘I know you are upset, Jo, but you have to learn how to behave properly.’ Susan told me, then she started smirking. “By the way, have you not noticed that I gave you a padded brief yesterday evening? It is a training pant. It isn’t a diaper but it is not normal underwear either. I need you to poop right in there. It won’t feel bad.” I panicked and started crying badly.

‘That’s okay darling. Now be a good girl..’ Susan kept calling me “girl” instead of a boy. She started rubbing my back gently while kneeling next to me. She has also slowly pushed me down on my knees. My step-sisters were laughing at me.

I could not hold it back anymore. The cramps were terrible and Susan was holding me in my place. It felt like everything was trying to come out at the same time. It hurt badly and I kept crying. I felt like doing hundreds of small farts. My ass has suddenly opened with excruciating pain and I messed myself front of everyone. “Oh, I think Jo is already doing it!” shouted Lydia; both girls broke out laughing again.

‘Good job, Jo. From now on we are going to do this every day and week.’ Susan finished. I sat down on the floor and cried a little more. Susan took me to the bathroom a few minutes later to clean me.

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Stay tuned for part 3!